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Promotions & Brand Identity

We help you promote your products and services through brand recognition activities that serve as a recurring reminder to your customers. This can be anything from logoed premium items to guerilla marketing to event management. We conceive, design, administer and fulfill a wide range of incentive activities for customers, employees, agents, dealers and dealer staff, utilizing the latest award vehicles in the industry, many of which we pioneered right here in house.


  • Promotional Products

  • Logoed Merchandise

  • Premium Impressions

Sales & Training

We can train whomever you may target in your range of touchpoints that you know will benefit your business goals. We are fully equipped to train, test, measure and reward your target audience employing the latest methodology and technology available. At Imperial we maintain a training staff skilled in:


  • Online Training

  • Custom Retail Training

  • Web-Based Training

  • Instructor-Led Facilitation

  • National Field Sales Consultant Training

  • Ride and Drives

  • Consumer Marketing Tours



Recognizing achievement is essential to effectively engage employees and attain company objectives. Our extensive experience with these awards has driven home the fact that it takes more than trophies and plaques to motivate employees.


Recognizing performance requires a program that is robust, flexible and offers officers, directors and managers the ability to customize emblematic merchandise on the fly. We offer an online ordering system that allows you to do just that, and customize for a variety of situations.


  • Recognizing Sales Performance

  • Welcoming New Team Members

  • Acknowledging Tenure

  • Thanking an Associate

E-Commerce Platforms

If you’re in need of a platform to launch and display your company’s e-store capability, we have the perfect solution. We can create a world-class e-commerce digital solution for you from scratch. Everything we produce will have a custom look and feel:


  • Premium and Promotional Products

  • Multi-Tier Pricing

  • Real-Time Inventory Availability

  • Various Product Search Capabilities

  • User Points Account or Credit Card Payment Methods

  • E-Mail Order Confirmation

Incentive & Rewards Programs

Whether you want to motivate your employees or customers to change their behavior in ways that benefit your bottom line, Imperial has a solution that will fit your objectives and budget. We currently operate incentive programs that accommodate groups as small as a few dozen to a major national program involving over 14,000 participants. Our objective is to structure your program in a manner that best suits the needs and desired reward(s) of your audience.


  • Travel Consult

  • Merchandise

  • Debit Cards

Customer Service

Imperial Marketing believes that Customer Service is a critical success element. Providing outstanding customer service is the #1 objective and exceeding our customer's expectations being the only acceptable result:

• Robust training instills and reinforces the goals of every program we manage

• Live Chat option available to all website visitors

• Dedicated Call Center staff

• State-of-the-art Call Center Management tools

• Comprehensive reporting

• Ongoing performance reviews

• Continuous  training and skills coaching improves